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In a time when "Google" is a recognized verb, Search Engine Marketing is essential to the success of your web site.

In order to rank in the search engines, your site must be optimized for search engine placement. Although many web design firms claim to build sites that are search engine friendly, you have no way of knowing if they have really done this for you, unless you understand the way the search engines work.

We offer two Search Engine Optimization services: Meta and Alt Tag Optimization, which optimizes your current pages, and Keyword-Rich Content Page Creation, which establishes new pages on your site that target specific keyword searches.


To rank in the search engines, a necessary tool is the inclusion of lines of text hidden in each page, known as Meta tags, and text hidden behind the images on each page, known as Alt tags. These tags enable the search engines to index your site based on the keywords that Internet users may search for.

Many web design firms create sites without including any Meta or Alt tags at all; others create one set of Meta tags and place them on every page, or insert them on just one single page. Although global Meta and Alt tags are better than none at all, to achieve the highest possible rankings in the search engines, we recommend the individual optimization of each content page. This is because most search engines don’t look at the entire site as a unit; rather, they look at each page individually. They will therefore rank each page of your site based on the keywords and content in the context of that individual page.

Here is what we do for you:

  • Create an individual “description” Meta tag for each page, based on that page’s content and keywords.
  • Create individual “keywords” Meta tag for each page, based on that page’s content and description.
  • Create individual Alt tags for the images on each page, based on that page’s content, description, and keywords.

Keyword-Rich Content Pages

One of the best ways to rank in the Search Engines for specific targeted keywords is through the creation of Keyword-Rich Content Pages. Keyword-Rich Content Pages are pages on your web site that act as entry points for visitors who find you through the search engines. These pages will never be found by the casual visitor who types in your address by hand; Keyword-Rich Content Pages are created specifically for Search Engine placement.

Each Keyword-Rich Content Page is created rich in content, Meta tags, and images with Alt tags, based on a specific keyword set that you would like to target. For instance, a commercial real estate broker with properties in specific South Florida markets might wish to create Keyword-Rich Content Pages for keyword sets such as “Miami warehouses,” “Sunrise offices,” and “Palm Beach retail space.” The more specific your keywords for each page, the higher that page will rank in the Search Engines.

When an Internet user enters a keyword set for which we have created a Keyword-Rich Content Page, they have a much greater chance of finding your web site through the Keyword-Rich Content Pages we create.

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