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VisionBurst Takes a Stand on Manufacturing in U.S.
Hollyopoly Game to be Made Locally and Assembled by Hollywood's Homeless  

Hollywood, FL, January 8, 2004:  VisionBurst, a Hollywood marketing company, will manufacture a popular game about the city in the U.S. rather than overseas, says the company's president. A local outreach center for the homeless will assemble it here in Hollywood.

During the most recent Holiday shopping season, the Associated Press reported that three out of four toys sold in the United States are foreign-made, with about two-thirds of those imports coming from China. A study by the Los Angeles Times in 2002 reported that between 1992 and 2002, at least 760,000 manufacturing jobs have migrated to China.

"Fighting this problem starts at home," says Avi Frier, President of VisionBurst, Inc., the company manufacturing Hollyopoly, Greater Hollywood's Official Board Game.

"We are pleased to announce that we have contracted strictly with U.S.-based manufacturers to produce all of Hollyopoly's parts, right down to the smallest plastic pieces."

Once manufactured, the parts will be shipped to VisionBurst's Hollywood headquarters, where the games will be assembled by the homeless.

"Through a special arrangement with the Broward Outreach Center, their residents will be hired to assemble the game and deliver it to area distributors," says Frier. "This will provide them with vital income and vocational training."

Hollyopoly is the first in a series of local board games planned for production by VisionBurst. Frier says that the Center's residents will figure prominently in the assembly and delivery of all future games.

The Broward Outreach Center is a 90-bed homeless shelter in Hollywood which provides counseling, education, vocational training, and job placement assistance.

"We are more than just another soup kitchen," says Dr. Allen Reesor, Director of the Broward Outreach Center. "We are a stepping stone on the road to self-sufficiency. The jobs that will be created by Hollyopoly and the other games planned by VisionBurst offer another avenue for our continued success with the homeless."