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VisionBurst Receives Critical Acclaim for Local Web Site

Hollywood, Florida, May 30, 2004: The recent Jewish Heritage Day event held at Pro Player Stadium in conjunction with the Florida Marlins brought thousands of South Florida Jews to the ballpark and raised money for Jewish education.

A corporate sponsor of the event, VisionBurst created a web site for the special day, which was reviewed by the South Florida Sun Sentinel web guru, Eyal Goldshmid. Eyal writes:

Jewish Heritage Day at Pro Player Stadium
Jews have always formed one of major league baseball's most ardent fan bases, and this tasteful local site, supporting the South Florida-based cultural awareness event, demonstrates that in droves. Using a straightforward design filled with ballpark colors (infield dirt browns, bleacher blues) and clearly exhibited information, the site offers both a sampling of what people can expect from the event (held before the Marlins-Mets game today) and a modest overview of the importance of the sport to Jewish-American culture, shown mostly in the many stately background shots of the Pro Player diamond. All that's missing, really, is the sound bite for Take Me Out to the Ball Game.