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VisionBurst Launches Web Site for American Democracy Project; Controversial Site to be Featured on The O'Reilly Factor
Site exposes the alleged mishandling of allegations of terrorist infiltration at University of South Florida by Senatorial Candidate Betty Castor during her tenure there as President.

Hollywood, FL, July 12, 2004: The American Democracy Project announces the launch of its web site, CastorTruth.com, developed by VisionBurst.  ADP is a 527 issue advocacy group investigating the way in which Betty Castor handled allegations of terrorist infiltration at University of South Florida during her tenure there as President.

ADP Treasurer Bernie Friedman described CastorTruth.com as an exhaustive, in-depth look at all the information Castor had available to her from 1994, when the media first reported that Islamic Jihad was operating at USF until 1999, when Castor left the University without having resolved the problem (Al-Arian was fired by Castor's successor Judy Genshaft). "By any definition of pure common sense, this information would and should have led a responsible leader to take action. Betty Castor should have left 'no stone unturned' in investigating, challenging, and removing the terrorist infiltration in her organization," Friedman said. "USF did not have to become known as 'Jihad U.'"

"With the steady flow of information coming to light on this issue, ADP needed a web site that they could maintain from their own offices," said Avi Frier, VisionBurst president.  "We provided an easy-to-use content management system that enables ADP staff to post articles and documents as they become available."

"Best of all," Frier added, "the people maintaining the site need not have any web design knowledge or experience to do so."

Friedman will appear on Fox News O'Reilly Factor Tuesday, July 13, 2004 in a special segment concerning responses to terrorism.  Bill O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor, broke the scandal in 2001, when he publicly challenged USF Professor Sami Al-Arian on his show. O'Reilly made public Al-Arian's infamous letter, penned in 1995, in which he boasted of the recent murder of 21 Israelis by terror group Islamic Jihad and solicited money to allow Islamic Jihad to continue similar operations. "What was not known or said at the time of Al-Arian's 2001 appearance was that then-President Betty Castor had received a sworn FBI affidavit describing Al-Arian's terror letter on her desk as early as April, 1996," said Friedman. "This story is the proverbial 'second shoe' that has now dropped in 2004." Castor has stated publicly that she had "not one iota of evidence" upon which to act against Al-Arian during her time at USF.