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Winning Candidates Ran Locally, Marketed Globally
VisionBurst developed campaign web sites for three of the candidates in Hollywood's 2004 municipal election.  All three won.

Hollywood, FL, March 12, 2004: Tuesday’s winners in Hollywood’s municipal elections took a 21st Century approach to getting their message out to the voters: they used the Internet. Hollywood marketing firm VisionBurst, Inc. developed web sites for Mayor Mara Giulianti, Vice Mayor Keith Wasserstrom, and Commissioner Cathy Anderson, all of whom won reelection Tuesday. The company also designed the logos, yard signs, and many of the other promotional materials for Wasserstrom’s campaign.

"Yard signs and promotional materials are important for name recognition," said Vice Mayor Wasserstrom, "but the web is crucial in delivering your message to the voters. One potential supporter who I asked to place a sign in his yard said he needed to do some research first. He called me after looking at my web site and asked me to bring over a sign. He said I was a guy he could support."

"We treated these campaign web sites as we would any of our business clients’ sites,” said Avi Frier, president of VisionBurst. “We provided a way for the candidates to keep their messages current and up-to-date, and saved them the trouble of dealing with daily administrative tasks that the site could do for them.”

Visitors used the web sites to learn about the candidates, research the issues, volunteer to help with the campaign, make contributions, and download flyers and yard sign permits.

“That’s what any web site should do for the organization that operates it,” said Frier. “It should give visitors the most current information and announcements, but also save company staff from faxing forms or telling callers the same information all day, such as directions or business hours.”

“Having been elected many times, I’ve always known the importance of reaching constituents through a number of modes,” said Mayor Mara Giulianti. Her challenger, Brenda Lee Chalifour, had no web site and received only 39% of the vote.

“The internet is an important means of communication for many, and I was pleased to have such a beautiful presence on the world wide web,” Giulianti commented.